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"WORLD OF PAPER" Exhibition at Galerie N, Wireless Road, Bangkok, Thailand - January 18 - February 18, 2011

One World in progressThis exhibition of handmade paper artworks by Jane Ingram Allen and Thai artist Chaiyanandha Cha-umngarm contains many of Jane' s "site maps" created in residencies around the world using local collected materials. It includes works made in Taiwan, Tanzania, Brazil, and Bali, Indonesia as well as the USA. Jane also created some Thailand site maps for this exhibition using paper pulp from Thai mulberry trees sent to her from Bangkok by Chaiyanandha. The collaborative art project by Jane titled "one World- Many Papers" is also included in the Galerie N exhibition in Bangkok. The "World of Paper" exhibition was covered in the Bangkok Post on Juanuary 17. See the link at http://www.bangkokpost.com/arts-and-culture/art216743/handmade-paper-art



2011 Cheng Long International Environmental Art Project, "Children and Artists Dream of Greener Wetlands, April 30 - July 30, 2011, Installation period: April 8 - May 2, 2011Roy Staab - Invasive Species

Jane is the curator again for the second year of the Cheng Long art project. See the Blog at http://artproject4wetland.wordpress.com for complete information and photos of the site and the entry requirements for 2011. Entries are due by February 11, and selected artists will be announced by March 1, 2011, This photo shows American artist Roy Staab's work in 2010 titled "Invasive Species."

For additional information on Jane's past curatorial activities, click here

Sofia Paper Art Biennale, Sofia, Bulgaria, May 3 - June 4, 2011

One-WorldJane has been invited by international curator Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos and Bulgarian curator Daniela Todorova to exhibit her work at the Sofia Paper Art Bienale. Jane plans to send the large collaborative installation titled "One World - Many Papers" for this exhibition of international contemporary art using paper.



Boston Don't Dump Project, Distillery Gallery, South Boston, MA, July 14 - August 15, 2011 - Artist in residency June 30 - July 14.

Boston Don't DumpJane will be an artist in residence at the Distillery Gallery to create site-specific works focused on the problem of pollution in the city's waterways. Jane will make handmade paper from local plant waste materials and place the handmade paper to dry on metal street signs found on many corners in Boston that read "Don't Dump - Drains to Charles River" or "Don't Dump - Drains to Boston Harbor" and other city waterways. Jane will involve commnity people in the project and have open studio at the Distillery Gallery starting June 30 for people to participate. The arworks created during the residency will be shown at Distillery Gallery with an opening reception and gallery talk on July 14, 6 - 8 PM. For more information see the gallery website at http://gallery.distilleryboston.com/


2010 Art Projects

December 2010

Bird Watching in Taichung, Taichung Mayor's House Local Museum, Taichung, Taiwan

Kingfishers in TaichungJane was invited to create a site-specific installation in the garden of the Mayor's House to focus public attention on the importance of birds in the urban environment. The installation featured handmade paper bird sculptures representing local bird species. The installation remains on view at the Mayor's House garden in Taichung.



November 2010

Ping Ling Farm International Environmental Art Project, Shuangshi Township, Taipei County, Taiwan

Ping-ling butterfliesJane was invited to curate this exhibiton and also to be an artist-in-residence for the project. Jane invited Roger Tibon from the Philippines and Yi-chun Lo from Taiwan to join her to create site-specific environmental art installations at this private nature preserve in Taipei County. The artists used local materials and involved visitors and local people in their process, pharmacie en ligne france viagra. Jane created an installation with hundreds of handmade paper butterflies and also a Shuangshi Site Map during the residency project.





"Going Green - New Environmental Art from Taiwan

In 2010 Jane curated this exhibition for the Taipei Cultural Center in New York City, supported by Taiwan's Council for Cultural Affairs. The exhibiton included works by 16 contemporary Taiwanese artiss who focus on environmental issues. The show traveled to 4 sites in America. An interview with Jane about the traveling exhibtion in America is at http://artradarjournal.com/2011/01/05/taiwan-eco-art-exhibition-going-green-tours-america-curator-interview/

For additional information on past curatorial activities, click here

October 2010

Going Green - New Environmental Art from Taiwan in Pembroke, NC

The exhibition ended the tour around America at the Art & Design Gallery, University of North Carolina at Pembroke and contained site-specific installations by Chuan-chu Lin and Chen Chih Yang.

September 2010

Going Green - New Environmental Art from Taiwan in Eureka, CA

Ya-chu KangThe exhibition traveled to Eureka, CA, and was shown at Accident Gallery with site-specific installations in Eureka by Yachu Kang and Su-chun Hung. This photo shows Ya-chu Kang's work "Hero" installed near Eureka's beach boardwalk.




August 2010

Going Green - New Environmental Art from Taiwan in Philadelphia

Ping-yu Pan The exhibition was shown at Asian Arts Initiative and the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, Philadelphia, PA, with site-specific installations by Ping-yu Pan and Chao-chang Lee. This photo shows Ping-yu Pan's installation "Ark for Plants" at the Schuylkill Center.




July 2010

Going Green - New Environmental Art from Taiwan in Queens, NY, NY

The exhibition opened at Queens Botanical Garden, Queens, NYC on July 9, 2011 and included site-specific instalaltions by Chiaping Lu and Chungho Cheng.

"One World - Many Papers" Exhibitions in Summer 2010

Jane's collaborative paper art project traveled in Europe during 2010. This project involved artists from 38 different countries around the world making a sheet of paper art to represent their country and sending it to Jane in Taiwan where she assembled the work and created a map of the world on one side showing no political borders. The "One World" art project was shown in France in April - May 2010, in Spain in June-July and in England in Septemer 2010. The project continues to travel around the world, and the installation will be shown in Thailand and the Philippines in 2011.

For more information about the "One World - Many Papers" project go to Jane's blog atjaneingramallenart.blogspot.com

May - June 2010

Artist-in-residency Project at Teaneck Creek Conservancy, Teaneck, NJ, USA

Teaneack_Nature_GateJane was an artist-in-residence at Teaneck Creek Conservancy for three weeks and created a site-specific gateway sculpture installation at the Fycke Lane entrance to the conservancy. Jane worked with art students in the nearby middle school and other volunteers to create a sculpture of fallen branches and vines incorporating and expanding an existing concrete fence. The scultpure was covered with handmade paper fish representing species found in Teaneck Creek. The handmade paper fish had seeds for wildflowers in the pulp, and as the paper dissolved into compost the seeds sprouted to produce a bed of wildflowers at the entryway. Here are some photos of the installations when it was installed in June 2010. The project was funded by a grant from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.

For more information about the eco-art projects at Teaneck Creek Conservancy, see the website at http://teaneckcreek.org/ecoart.html

May 2010

Artist-in-residency at Luodong Nature Center, Yilan County, Taiwan

loudong_nature_center_wishing_treeDuring this mini-residency Jane created a site-specific installation using handmade paper created from local plants and involving the community. The installation called "The Wishing Trees" consisted of handmade paper tree forms with hundreds of handmade paper leaves made by local people. The leaves had wishes for the environment written on them by local participants. This photo shows one of the "wishing trees" at Luodong Nature Center.




April 2010

2010 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project, Cheng Long Village, Yunlin County, Taiwan

Chen-long EntranceJane initiated the first evironmental art exhibition at Cheng Long Wetlands working with the Kuan Shu Education Foundation of Taiwan with support from the Taiwan Forestry Bureau and local and regional governments. 3 international artists and 2 Taiwanese artists worked with local children and the community to create site-specific environmental art installations in the wetlands preserve to focus public attention on the environmental problems. The exhibition was a huge success, and Jane will curate this project again in April 2011. This photo shows the 2010 installation "Invasive Species" by American artist Roy Staab. For more information see the Blog at http://artproject4wetland.wordpress.com

March 2010

Artist-in-Residency Project, Yuanshan Eco-Center, Yilan County, Taiwan

Yuanshan Water FallDuring this residency project Jane created site-specific installations for the inside and ouside of this environmental center and involved local people in learning to make handmade paper from local plant waste materials. Jane made an installation of many handmade paper water drops to emphasize the importance of protecting water resources in Yilan and an installation of hundreds of handmade paper leave to focus attention on the importance of Yilan's forests for the environment. This project was organized by the Environmental Ethics Foundation of Taiwan and supported by the Taiwan Forestry Bureau.



For additional information on past curatorial activities, click here

Jane's artwork featured in new book titled: THE MAP AS ART: CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS EXPLORE CARTOGRAPHY

Jane's Taiwan "Site Maps" are included in this new book by Katharine Harmon, published in 2009 by Princeton Architectural Press. Jane's "Kinmen Site Map" is pictured and written about on page 76 of this book. Here is the Amazon link to the book: http://www.amazon.com/Map-Art-Contemporary-Artists-Cartography/dp/1568987625

Fulbright Scholar Award, Artist in Residency Project in Taiwan - 2004-05

Jane on Poster "MADE IN TAIWAN" PROJECT - FULBRIGHT SCHOLAR AWARD FOR RESEARCH IN TAIWAN - Grant  from January 2004  through July 2005 with sponsorship by the Taiwan National Endowment for Culture and Arts and co-sponsorship by the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange/Fulbright Foundation.

During this one and a half year project Jane traveled to 14 different places in Taiwan. She was an artist in residence for several weeks in each community to make "site maps" with handmade paper created from plants collected in each place. During her time in each community Jane was working with a host organization and local participants teaching a "cultural citizenship papermaking art workshop" to exchange ideas, share processes, exhibit her work and make new works for exhibition in Taiwan. 

For information about the "Made in Taiwan" project and about each place Jane visited, click here.

For information about other "Made in Taiwan" project exhibitions in Taiwan and other countries, click here.

ARTS IN EDUCATION PROGRAMSStudent making a butterfly

Jane offers arts in education programs that include exhibitions of her work and artist in residency projects.  She is an experienced teacher and has done many arts in education programs in the United States and other countries working with schools, colleges and universities. She has been a teaching artist and presenter for Arts in Education Institutes (Aesthetic Education Institutes) in Albany, NY; Utica, NY; Rochester, NY; Binghamton, NY; and Palm Beach, CA, as well as in many colleges, universities, art centers and museums. For more information and photos from previous arts in education programs, click here.


Jane will be writing an article for TAIWAN REVIEW about new environmental art in Taiwan that will appear in an upcoming issue of this English language news magazine published in Taiwan.

Jane wrote a review of Julia Shepley"s sculpture exhibition at Boston Sculptors Gallery that will appear in an upcoming issue of SCULPTURE magazine.

Jane's review of Carlotta Bruentti's indoor and outdoor sculpture installations at Grass Mountain Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan, was published in the December 2010 issue of SCULPTURE magazine.

Jane wrote a review of Ping-yu Pan's solo show at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, that appeared in the April 2010 issue of SCULPTURE magazine.

Jane's review of the sculptures of Jessica Strauss and Andy Zimmerman at Boston Sculptors Gallery was in the December 2009 issue of SCULPTURE magazine.

Book on "Made in Taiwan" Project AvailableJane Ingram Allen's "Made In Taiwan" book

A review of Jane's book "Made in Taiwan - an American Papermaking Artist's Journey Around Taiwan" is in the Winter 2007 issue of HAND PAPERMAKING magazine. The review is written by Loreto Apelado, a papermaking artist from the Philippines. For information about this review click here for the website of HAND PAPERMAKING.

Jane's book was published in December 2005 with a grant from the Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs.  The 264-page book is in English and Chinese and contains information about the 14 places where Jane worked as an artist in residence during this 18 month long Fulbright Scholar Award grant project sponsored by the Council for Cultural Affairs from January 2004--July 2005.  The book gives information about the 135 plants Jane used to make paper for her work and contains many photos taken by Jane's husband Tim who accompanied her on this journey.  The book tells about the process, the plants, the paper made from them and the 55 artworks Jane created in the 14 different areas of Taiwan.  The book is available direct from Jane.  You will receive a copy signed by the author along with a sample of handmade paper made by Jane for this project.  The price of the book is NT$450 each or US$15.00 plus shipping and handling. The shipping charge for Taiwan orders is NT$50 and for shipping to the USA US10. For orders of 10 or more books to the same address, books are NT$300 each or US$11 each.  To order the book, click here.

Click here for more information about Jane's past writing projects.

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